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Average Salary Managing Partner Law Firm

When it comes to compensation, companies have several options, including providing a scholarship to manage partners` activities, a percentage of the company`s profits, or an annual salary. As a general rule, Remsen suggests that managing partners in the richest 20% of partners in the company`s capital should be remunerated. Non-billable requirements: The description should describe the expected non-billable hourly requirements, taking into account the volume of non-billable tasks that may take up a managing partner`s day. Male partners earned an average of $1.13 million in 2019, compared to $784,000 for female partners. However, the growth rate of earnings was 15% for female partners and only 7% for male partners. «A fun thing happened during the year,» Jeffrey Lowe, global head of practice at law firm Major Lindsey & Africa, said in an interview with Law360. «The industry has always performed much better than we had hoped.» Despite these challenges, companies can ensure that they structure a compensation plan that is linked to the measurable value of managing partners. The Compensation and Benefits Survey is the most comprehensive report the ALA produces each year. Use the data to make sure your business offers fair and competitive plans in your area. Order your copy from alanet.org/compsurvey Although female partners earn less than male partners and minority partners earn less than white partners, the wage gap is narrowing, according to the survey. Similarly, white partners earned an average of $1.046 million in 2019, while partners who identified as non-white earned an average of $869,000.

But black partners have seen a sharp 78 percent increase in compensation since the 2018 survey, followed by a 16 percent increase for partners in the Asia-Pacific region. However, Hispanic partners reported an 18% drop. The increase was 11% for white partners. The average compensation for stock partners was $1.39 million, compared to $432,000 for non-shareholder partners, according to a survey by law firm Major, Lindsey & Africa. A mid-career managing partner, law firm with 5 to 9 years of experience earns an average total compensation (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay) of $154,364 based on 6 salaries. An experienced managing partner, a law firm with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $197,840 based on 32 salaries. In. Read More A number of factors make structuring compensation plans a challenge for law firms. «The role of the managing partner consists primarily of non-billable contributions that can be difficult to measure, especially in an industry where compensation is largely tied to billable hours and business development,» says John Remsen Jr., founder of Remsen Group and Managing Partner Forum (MPF). In a recent MPF survey of 167 managing partners, respondents rated the following points as their top contributions to the business (on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the highest): In addition to identifying how a partner is compensated during the role, Remsen recommends that companies develop «back protection» for managing partners to compensate them. once they have left the role and returned to their full-time practice.

This post-role protection will not only encourage qualified lawyers with busy practices to take on the role, but will also take into account the missed opportunity to build and strengthen their business portfolio. Remsen suggests that the company provide a level of protection for all three years spent in the role. Among partners whose companies took austerity measures at the beginning of the pandemic, 41% said the measures had been reduced and 43% said they had been completely reversed. Surprisingly, the role of managing partner in most law firms is not accompanied by a formal job description. According to Remsen`s survey, 59% of managing partners said they did not have a formal job description, 10% said their company had one, but it is not closely monitored. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to both identify expectations and measure effectiveness. First, Remsen said, companies need to ensure that other partners understand, appreciate and appreciate the breadth of responsibilities that come with the role of the managing partner. Among other things, «Do you have a minute?» conversations take up much of a managing partner`s time. That said, these very valuable conversations don`t end up in monthly or year-end reports, and few partners realize how many of these conversations a managing partner has ever seen. Understanding the scope of these leadership-focused activities is a necessary starting point for evaluating the position.

In short, structuring a competitive compensation package begins with a clearly defined job description that outlines the scope and expectations of the Managing Partner`s role. From there, companies can create a package based on role requirements, measurable metrics, results, and other key factors. Seeking a more structured and conscious approach will not only allow the company to make an informed decision about the type and amount of compensation, but will also encourage managing partners to achieve the results that companies should expect from such an important leadership position. In large and small law firms, managing partners assume an essential leadership role for the law firm and its members. Many are responsible for describing the firm`s vision, increasing its visibility, providing important strategic direction, and providing day-to-day advice to their lawyers and staff.

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