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Az Street Legal Golf Cart

If you were injured in an accident with a golf cart, the Husband and Wife Law team has the expertise to investigate your accident and determine if you are entitled to compensation. Our car accident lawyers in Phoenix have handled thousands of cases since 1996 and will support you and your family every step of the way. Call us today for a free consultation at (602) 457-6222. Car owners who wish to drive their golf carts on public roads must register them as Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Registered golf carts must have headlights, taillights, brakes, brake lights and a horn. However, Arizona law exempts them from the windshield requirement that applies to other vehicles. The state has been very proactive in introducing laws for trolleys and low-speed vehicles. They strive to protect not only other drivers and pedestrians, but also those who drive these vehicles. Read below to learn more about the latest golf cart laws in Arizona. Once medical treatment is done, people involved in golf cart accidents should talk to a golf cart lawyer in Arizona. If another person was responsible for the accident, they may be asked to pay compensation for medical bills and expenses related to the accident. If, for example, a truck driver too suddenly gets out of the front of a golf cart, he may be to blame for the collision.

If another golf cart driver breaks the law and hits a pedestrian, it could be considered negligence and indicate that they are responsible for the accident. In the case of Sandra Ayers McClintock, who some say died as a result of a seat belt fracture, the Maricopa County Sheriff`s Office, which puts on the seat belts, can be held liable. A good personal injury lawyer can investigate a case to determine liability. As a general rule, the federal government does not interfere with a state`s restrictions on golf carts, as it limits its rules to vehicles that exceed speeds of 20 miles per hour. Golf carts cannot be designed for speeds above 25 miles per hour. They must not contain more than four people, including the driver. And while golf carts can be driven on roads, they can`t be driven on sidewalks. They cannot be driven to private property without the consent of the owner. In all cases, drivers of golf carts on public roads must follow the same traffic rules as other drivers. This includes stopping at traffic lights and stop signs as well as compliance with rights of way laws.

In order for it to be homologated for the road, the car must have functional taillights, brakes, brake lights and a horn. Golf carts and LSVs are similar in many ways. Cars usually have fewer restrictions and are slower. Susan Polizzi says she uses her car mainly for golf, but to get to the course, she takes the public road. Arizona law requires owners and operators of golf carts to purchase liability insurance for their vehicles, just like owners of other types of motor vehicles. The minimum requirements for liability insurance in Arizona are $10,000 for property damage, $15,000 per person for personal injury insurance, and $30,000 for accident liability. Golf carts are defined in Arizona law as vehicles with at least three wheels that weigh less than 1,800 pounds and travel at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. They are built in such a way that they cannot accommodate more than four passengers.

Golf carts get their name from their original purpose: to drive golfers from hole to hole on a course when they don`t want to run while playing golf. But in hot, dry climates, like much of Arizona, these small vehicles serve as the primary mode of transportation, especially for «snowbirds» who come to Arizona in the winter to escape the cold in their home state. These figures only indicate the number of golf carts registered with the Ministry of Motor Vehicles, not those on private property. Registered vehicles are allowed to venture onto the streets of the city if certain conditions are met. However, the number of golf carts on Arizona roads makes many residents wonder if these vehicles are safe or not. If you drive a golf cart without insurance, you risk having your driver`s license revoked by the DMV. If they are caught driving without insurance, the VDD may also require them to have more expensive SR-22 insurance for three years. However, golf carts are not able to reach these speeds unless they are specifically modified by the owner. Arizona is a state of golf carts. This is largely due to the snowbirds who come to stay every winter, many of whom are retired. They want to get out and enjoy all that Arizona has to offer, but they also don`t want to drive a full-size vehicle. Golf carts are the perfect answer for many people.

There are 38,000 golf carts registered in the state of Arizona, and more than 30,000 of them are located in Maricopa County alone. For more information on federal laws regarding golf carts and low-speed vehicles, click here. For other vehicles that may exceed this speed, such as off-road motorcycles, four-by-four or ATVs, the Arizona Department of Transportation requires vehicle drivers to register them. This is the beginning of whether your vehicle, other than a car, is legal on the road. Golf cart accidents are certainly not uncommon in Phoenix, its suburbs and other parts of Arizona. When they occur, the losses thereafter can be immense. Anyone who drives a golf cart must understand the rules of the road for these unique vehicles. These engines can be purchased from various golf cart equipment companies. First of all, small vehicles present a high risk of rollover and, in this case, the driver and/or drivers can be ejected. Second, drivers and passengers of golf carts have much less protection than those who drive or drive ordinary motor vehicles such as cars and trucks. In this way, the cars look like motorcycles. Whenever there is a collision between a golf cart and a car or truck, people who drive in the car are likely to perform worse than those in the larger vehicle.

Currently, car owners need $10,000 in liability insurance and at least $15,000 in bodily injury. While car owners can take to the streets without adhering to all these standards, they will break the law to do so. While a golf cart made to travel at more than 25 miles per hour falls under federal law, what about carts that are «pimped» after the market to travel at higher speeds? Since the cars were made to go below 25 mph, state laws cover them, and federal law does not apply. Even though cars are illegally modified to move at a faster speed, they are still subject to state laws. Not all cars should exceed 25 mph, otherwise they fall into a different category. Golfers who only use carts on the course or on private roads do not have to register their vehicle. If a person wants to use it on the road, the car falls into the LSV category. Required equipment and speed limit Golf carts must have functional headlights, brake lights and a horn.

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