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Bases Y Orientaciones Legales De La Educacion Primaria En Venezuela

Legal bases are official documents that prevent both the brand and the participant from all actions related to an online promotion. Thanks to these types of documents, several legal aspects of a competition are described in detail, for example: purpose, date and scope. Thanks to the Magna Carta, freedom of education is guaranteed and it is stipulated that primary education will be compulsory, as it is the obligation of the State to grant access to all residents of the country. -Protect the rights of parents and students, regardless of the dependency of the institution they choose. -Promote an educational policy that recognizes and strengthens indigenous cultures. -Aims to ensure the quality of education. -Ensure equal opportunities and inclusion in education. Pre-school, primary and secondary education is the basic education; This and the upper average are mandatory. In addition: it will be democratic, national, it will contribute to the best human coexistence, it will be of quality and it will be free. Excerpt: Article 102° Education is a human right and a fundamental social duty, it is democratic, free and compulsory. The State will accept it as an indecensable function of maximum interest at all levels and modalities and as an instrument of scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge at the service of society. Education is a public service and is based on respect for all currents of thought in order to develop the creative potential of each person and the full exercise of his personality in a democratic society based on the evaluation of work ethics and active, conscious and solidarity participation in the processes of social transformation.

reinforced by the values of national identity and by a Latin American and universal vision. The State, with the participation of families and society, shall promote the process of civic education in accordance with the principles set forth in this Constitution and in the law. Official name: Republic of VenezuelaTuchast: CaracasRegions: Los Andes, capital, center, Centroccidente, Guyana, archipelago, Los Llanos Noreste, Zuliana.Gross domestic product per capita (USD PPP 2000): 5,554Human development index (2006): 0.784For percentage of the population of value: 6 yearsProvidual education: 6Legal: Unicameral training is one of the factors that most influence the progress and progress of individuals and societies. In addition to providing knowledge, education enriches culture, spirit, values and everything that sets us apart as human beings. Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela One of the most important objectives of education is to educate children with values and as full beings who are able to recognize their abilities and importance in society. Education is a process by which the knowledge, habits, customs and values of a society are passed on to a generation, the goal it pursues is for people to reach their full potential. Law: It is a set of norms and duties aimed at ensuring a comprehensive, continuous, ethical and qualified system of care, based on the principles of justice and solidarity in order to contribute to the health of the individual. Education as a means of individual development and as a main factor of social development is a service of national public interest and is therefore the responsibility of all. Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Organic Law of the Office of the Auditor of the Republic and the National Tax Control System. Regulation of the Organic Law of the Office of the Auditor of the Republic and the National Tax Control System.

Organic Law of Citizen Power. Article 103: Everyone has the right to a comprehensive and quality, sustainable, under equal conditions and opportunities, without restrictions arising from his abilities, vocation and aspirations. Education is compulsory at all levels, from kindergarten to the diversified intermediate level. Education in State institutions is free of charge up to university studies. To that end, the State will make a priority investment in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations. The State shall establish and maintain facilities and services that are adequately equipped to ensure access, sustainability and completion in the education system. The law guarantees equal attention to persons with special needs or disabilities, as well as to those who are deprived or deprived of their liberty or who do not have the basic conditions for their integration and permanence in the education system. Contributions by individuals to public education projects and programs at the intermediate and university levels are recognized as an income tax reduction under the respective legislation.

The basic principles of the Venezuelan education system are contained in the National Constitution and the Organic Law of Education. The first emphasizes that education is a human right and a fundamental social duty, which in turn is defined as democratic, free and compulsory. Current education is based on the scientific method, because the goal is for students to learn not only to think, but also to act, predict and solve, to have critical thinking, teamwork is fundamental to share ideas and promote collaboration. Justice and gratuity, basic principles for the democratization of access to education. 5. Education and the values of human coexistence: appreciation of the dignity of the person, fraternity, tolerance, respect for differences, freedom and peace. In the years between the Declaration of Independence and today, Venezuela had 25 constitutions, which is a unique case. The first was in 1811 and the one currently in force was approved by referendum in December 1999 and published in the Official Gazette on the 30th. – This law guarantees the right of all inhabitants of the country to education. In the field of education, it regulates the work of the state and its decentralized agencies, as well as that of individuals who receive approval or official recognition of the studies they teach.

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