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The legal services provider is now targeting the UK market. Recognition of outstanding legal achievements focused at the national level, mainly on large legal and in-house departments. Yes, law firms need to do much more to address the unequal representation in their ranks, especially at the executive level, but when this diverse talent is present, legal directories have a duty to identify and promote the people who embody it. That`s why we`re absolutely clear that when it comes to improving diversity in advocacy, The Legal 500 plays an important role in increasing inclusion and participates in the discussion about it. While we won`t evaluate companies based on diversity, we will look for ways to better reflect diversity within companies and whether changes to our ranking criteria, such as the Hall of Fame, can help recognize long-neglected female and minority partners. But for a reference sample, the data we have on women already ranked in London makes it possible to track the differences between practices and companies, as well as the progress already made. Katie Wheatley, Head of Criminal Fraud and Regulation at Bindman, comments: «We`ve had family-friendly policies for decades and now it`s paying off – people work extremely hard, but we don`t have a culture of presenteeism. With 56% of London`s lawyers, Irwin Mitchell is the highest-ranked Legal Business 100 Top 25 law firm by this measure, an achievement Eddy attributes to the firm`s family-friendly policies, its combination of practices (in fact, the firm is now actively trying to recruit men in certain practices to improve the gender ratio) and the large number of female role models in a law firm. about half of the partners are women and many offices are headed by women. PwC`s Julia Onslow-Cole and Fragomen`s Austin Fragomen discuss the Big Four`s latest legal decision. To ensure we play a meaningful role in this process, we must monitor our own progress and hold ourselves accountable. If we do not take a close look at the numbers and accurately assess the current state of affairs, there is a risk that continuous improvement will not be maintained. We need companies that offer more talented women in all areas of practice – if your partnership is 30% female, then it can be argued that 30% of the ones you propose for an individual ranking should be women.

Research Director/Associate Editor,» The Legal 500 UK Of all the questions asked by The Legal 500`s editorial board, «What do we need to do to move up the rankings?» is almost certainly the most frequently asked, just before «Can we have an extension of the submission deadline?» Ben joined the Press Association`s Legal Week in 2005 and has since held a number of roles including editor, online editor, production editor, and bassist for Legal Week`s in-house cover band, The Scoops. So here`s a detailed – and honest – look at how we`ve fared in the two years since I joined The Legal 500, when I said improving diversity was a key priority. In total, we currently rank nearly 5,000 people in 126 London practice areas as Hall of Fame, Leading Individual, Next Generation Partner or Rising Star, and just over a third (34%) of them are women. If you take the 30% club as a benchmark, it`s a measure that, on the whole, stands up to scrutiny. As a starting point for this year, we just looked at the London 2021 ranking, which was released in September, and we only looked at gender. While 30% is an acceptable figure for an industry like the law, where the upper echelons of the profession are dominated by white men, especially in the city, it`s important to note that the talent pipeline is reassuring. Women make up nearly half (47%) of our next-generation partners, and that number continues to grow to 55% among Rising Star employees. If you take a closer look at the seniority of the people ranked, just under 30% of our leaders are women, and that number drops to 20% for the Hall of Fame, reflecting the fact that entry into the Hall of Fame is currently determined by the number of years that have served as a leader, which means that our representation in this area inevitably weakens.

Edwards, who became the first woman to be promoted to Travers` dispute resolution team when she was founded ten years ago, comments: «At Travers, we have achieved a 50-50 split in the team`s partnership in ten years, and that`s incredible. True inclusivity comes from top to bottom – there`s no point in saying words if they`re not lived. This must be a very important part of management`s agenda. An international entertainment company based in the Sarasota area is looking for a business consultant to manage one. A growing and very successful personal injury law firm with several offices in Tampa Bay is looking for a senior attorney at tri. Our M&A rankings have also improved significantly since two years ago, when only four women were ranked; Now the rankings are 30% female. This is probably a particular problem in the post-pandemic world. For the record, there are many stories of women in all professions who are on leave in greater numbers or forced to reduce their hours in order to return to their family obligations.

«But it`s important,» she adds, «partly because it`s the external perception of you and your place in the market, and partly because it`s important for customers – especially international.» Assuming that most of these talented women lawyers remain in private practice and continue to benefit from adequate career development from their firm, our ranking should continue to evolve towards a better gender balance at all levels. The deal brings together PwC UK and New York-based immigration law firm Fragomen and gives PwC a major foothold in the US market. It is essential that we continue to monitor women`s representation on an annual basis; to ensure that in the practices in which we have made progress, this progress is consolidated and that women continue to go through the ranking. It goes without saying that inclusion in our rankings is only achieved through merit, but change means that we will continue to focus on diversity as part of our research process. A highly respected law firm in Tampa sees an insurance defense attorney with over 2 years of experience in general insurance litigation. «It`s really important to be in directories,» adds Alison Eddy, Managing Partner of Irwin Mitchell London. «The role model is really important. People in leadership positions are important influencing factors for young lawyers. «As the numbers above show, while we have made significant progress, we are still far from finished.

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