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Social Media Laws and Regulations Philippines

A well-organized social media campaign has been credited with catapulting Rodrigo Duterte to the presidency in 2016, and critics say his supporters have ensured he remains powerful by using trolls,

Smart Legal Services Pty Ltd

We offer professional legal advice regarding the purchase or sale of commercial and rental property. Smart Legal is proud to provide professional legal services to clients buying and selling property

Slang for Legal Highs

If you`re hoping to know all the street names for different drugs, you`re going to be quite a challenge. According to information from the DEA, some drugs, such as cocaine,

Singapore Trust Laws

The trust will not be subject to lengthy probate procedures upon the death of the settlor. Singapore`s trust laws also protect against coercive inheritance regimes in certain circumstances. A trust

Silva Dias Legal

The legal process, like any other process, must be managed. Our explicit objective is to ensure that cases are dealt with in a timely manner and that deadlines are met,

Should Self Driving Cars Be Legal Persuasive Speech Outline

Safer roads. People have a nature of speed, inattention and reckless or harmful driving behaviors. This can be avoided with self-driving cars, as they are operated by computers. 94% of

Ship Chartering Law

Sometimes a shipowner may appoint a full-time shipbroker to do business. In the vessel charter industry, it is common to find brokers who specialize in chartering certain types of vessels.

Setting up a Legal Entity in Canada

The head office is where you must keep your company`s records and where official documents are given to the company. Choose an address where you will be sure to receive

Seoul Legal Jobs

Note that working in the company as a paralegal is not necessarily a way to conclude a training contract. However, like all potential future trainees, you are welcome to apply

Self Defense Legal Action

Allegations of self-defense are quite common, and the rules regarding when a person can defend themselves and how much force they are allowed to use can be complicated. Everything can

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