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Rules between Friends

Friendship is an important part of our lives, and healthy friendships are essential to our overall well-being. Implementing such rules helps us ensure that we enjoy their joy and support for years to come! While friendships are easy to start, they`re certainly not easy to maintain. Can you imagine how many BFFs you`ve had along the way and what promises you`ve made to each other? Whether you see each other every day or don`t hang around for months, some BFF rules can`t be broken. Avoid gossip, negative comments, or complaints about a friend behind their back. This can create divisions between you and your friend who isn`t there – and also complicate relationships with others who have heard or participated in this conversation. I respect friendships and never borrow money from friends. Nevertheless, I am inundated with friends who borrow from me. It ruins things. @RediTlhabi He who slowly gets angry is better than the mighty, and he who governs his mind than he who takes over a city (Proverbs 16:32). Good friends are able to recognize that everyone is human and that true friends don`t judge other people`s choices. If you can`t deal with friends who make decisions or choose a different life than what you think is «best,» then you need to leave the relationship.

Friends don`t necessarily have to «like» or «approve» their friends` choices, but good friends will accept their friends` choices no matter what. And if you can`t handle how far your girlfriend has come, it`s better to abandon the relationship than to stand on the sidelines and scold your girlfriend or shame her for her decisions. Best friends calm your deepest fears and tickle all your funny bones. You really are a blessing you`ve stumbled upon and here are some unwritten rules of friendship that every best friend follows! So grab your best friend and be ready to smile with joyful excitement as you check these rules together! This should be obvious, but I find that many people keep their friends out of habit long after they have passed them. Just because someone wants to be your friend, do you really want to be? Ask yourself if you really enjoy spending time with this person. Do you miss them when you don`t see them for a while? Do you feel happy when you are with them? The ultimate test of good friendship chemistry is when you can sit silently with them and feel completely comfortable. Let go of the power struggle in which we are sometimes dragged. Let go of fear and let go of fear – and allow yourself to feel safe and relaxed. Being gentle with our words and behavior allows us to build intimacy and strengthen friendship. I want to emphasize that no one is perfect. Some of the advice I share is something I`ve learned through trial and error.

Use this list as a guideline to see where you can improve or if your current friends are doing their part. A dishonest man spreads quarrels and a whisperer separates close friends (Proverbs 16:28). Although painful situations may arise, strive to use friendly language and honor friendship through quiet conversations. If you don`t trust her, she`s not your girlfriend. If she can`t trust you, you`re not her friend. If you share lies or spread lies, you are not their friend. It`s as simple as that. Without trust, there is no authenticity in friendship. If you can`t be directly with her or feel the need to hide your actions or tell untruths, the relationship will be built on quicksand and won`t be able to withstand any real challenge. According to Dr.

Schomer, communication in friendship is important, talking about your problems eliminates insecurities. If you expect more from others than from yourself, your relationships won`t be as long-lasting as you might hope. No one promises to bring perfection to a relationship, so this makes you much more likely to build the kind of friendships that will last if you`re willing to accept and forgive other people`s flaws. It is also important that we are able to recognize when we make mistakes. If you can admit that if you haven`t been able to stop the end of your relationship, it`s much more likely that a friend will be able to forgive and move on. That doesn`t mean you have to choose all of your best friend`s hobbies. Growing together can simply mean supporting each other. If you decide to grow in a positive direction, like stopping gossip, your friend will either have to grow with you or try to pull you down.

Good friends need to be on the same page, so you need to decide what kind of energy you want in your life.

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