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Should Self Driving Cars Be Legal Persuasive Speech Outline

Safer roads. People have a nature of speed, inattention and reckless or harmful driving behaviors. This can be avoided with self-driving cars, as they are operated by computers. 94% of accidents are caused by irresponsible human conduct. Self-driving cars operate on the basis of sensors, cameras, radar, and analytics, so they are not affected by alcohol consumption, cell phones, or other types of distractions. Computers have the ability to react quickly, so sudden situations reduce the likelihood of accidents. The theme I chose is future cars, like air and flying cars, this car does not run on oil like the cars we have now, and in addition the oil comes into the air, it is unhealthy to breathe, you no longer have to spend money on gasoline […] In summary, self-driving cars have many advantages when it comes to making human life safer and more comfortable. If we make it our future mode of transportation, it could reduce a variety of accidents, reckless driving and pollution, keep everyone safe and create a safer environment for others. These cars can also produce polluted gases in our atmosphere, but are smaller than regular cars. The likelihood of being stuck in many traffic jams could be reduced and pollution could be controlled. In the future, many companies are trying to develop electric cars to make them more environmentally friendly. Yang, J., & Coughlin, J. F.

(2014). Automotive technology for self-driving cars: benefits and challenges for aging drivers. International Journal of Automotive Technology, 15(2), 333-340. Thesis statement: Autonomous vehicles are being developed and they have benefits: reduced energy consumption, increased speed and safety, environmental protection, and reduced maintenance costs (Yang and Coughlin 2014). More efficient and environmentally friendly. Self-driving cars offer us a variety of benefits. They are better equipped with GPS navigation, built-in internet and WiFi settings, the best sensors to detect dangers in any route or direction in front of the place, and many other interesting options that make our lives safer and more convenient. Which brings me to my next point. Distracted driving accounts for 90% of the 1.3 million annual deaths in car crashes.

90% of 1.3 million is 1.17 deaths and it is people who die from human error. With self-driving cars, distracted driving would be 100% impossible, saving us 1.17 million lives by buying self-driving cars. We can stop this problem so easily that we just need to agree that self-driving cars are a good idea. Do you want the 1.3 million deaths to be you or a family member? While they can be expensive to buy, the additional repair and maintenance costs could be much lower as they would be so careful while driving. These types of cars could devote most of the time that continues to lead to productive work. For example, we could take a nap on the way to the office, do extra work, or write mail and text messages in an emergency without having to worry about risking our own lives and the lives of others. Cheaper and more productive. Cars are an expensive investment. Everyone would love to own a car, and they can avoid the many expenses other than license and registration fees caused by self-driving cars. The probability of high-risk accidents is reduced, so that a large part of the insurance can be excluded from payment. In recent years, many of the world`s leading brands have invested in self-driving car research.

The benefits of this innovation start with the possibility of reducing by 90% the number of road accidents on our roads (by […] For a long time, self-driving cars looked more like fiction. But today, many companies are working on prototypes to bring these types of cars to market for ordinary people. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one fatality occurs every 15 minutes due to a crash involving people. Making mistakes is part of human life. They can easily get distracted or make poor judgments. Although many raise a question regarding the safety of self-driving cars, it has ensured fewer defects than a human driver. These cars therefore have the advantage of reducing many accidents, deaths and injuries. In my opinion, self-driving cars should be legalized because they have various benefits, such as; Since 90% of car accidents are human errors, computers would completely eliminate many dangers. Computers use algorithms to determine the appropriate braking distance, such as: the distance to another car and other data that reduces the likelihood of car accidents. There is no way for a computer to be «distracted,» which is currently one of the leading causes of accidents in the United States. It is not known how many lives would be saved, it is obvious that human-driven cars come at a very high price in terms of danger. At the U.S.

Department of Transportation, there is actually a value for every human life of $9.2 million. As a result, there would be significant cost savings in many different locations, such as insurance costs and health care costs, which are associated with accident recovery alone. Very important, there would be much fewer cars. Since there are far fewer cars, this means that much less gasoline and much less gas would be needed, which means that there would be much less pollution. Think about it, Salt Lake City might look great again. No more traffic jams, no more scheduled cars, no more hours waiting to get to work. Some people may say, «What about all the money it would cost,» but I say is it worth the 1.3 million lives saved? Second, they could move! If a person with a disability had a job, they could work independently. You can also take their kids to school or drive them to get ice cream or just spend time with them. If you don`t have arms and legs, you can still drive a car.

The new Tesla (still in test) can tell him with the human voice where to go and how to get there (address). Here`s what car insurance has to say about why it`s a good idea to have self-driving cars. Compared to all the bad behavior that can happen to a driver behind the wheel, a computer is actually a good driver. First and foremost, the probability of gas migration through the rubber of the tire […] The terms and conditions set out the contractor`s basic responsibilities with respect to managing the account or accounts receivable from supplies and services based on preliminary reports that A Identify the problem and its impact on the business B Report the incident to the Total dispersed existing research on how access to financial opportunities Principled negotiation of a win-win solution is essential for Conflict Resolution Stanford Friedman Pass Test 2018 Designed Stanford Pass Test True False Question Difficulty Level Easy 9 The Strong Arm Collection Only one person in each room was really an object of research The rest was said First, people with disabilities could see the world and all its amazing beauty whenever they wanted. Many people with disabilities often think about committing suicide because of disability. A study shows that a relaxed car ride can calm and calm people in the vehicle. A good drive could calm people down and also relax. Should self-driving cars be legal Lisa Stewart.docx Kareen Daelo_6573626_BSBMKG605_Assessment 1(2).docx Individual responses are weighted by a formula that matches growing concern about oil prices and environmental protection from emissions, which has led automakers to adopt other lightweight materials such as Al and Mg as a replacement for carbon steel and cast materials such as Al and the Mg.

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