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The legal process, like any other process, must be managed. Our explicit objective is to ensure that cases are dealt with in a timely manner and that deadlines are met, even in an environment where judicial and other administrative authorities are not known for their speed. Silva Dias Legal is a firm that is particularly aimed at people looking to reside or relocate to Portugal and companies interested in investing or operating in Portugal. The complaint stated: «The plaintiff is ready and willing to satisfy and settle the debt for the performance of which this act was performed, whenever the amount is determined and determined.» The applicant was successful at the main hearing. The court reassured the plaintiff`s property and ordered that a proper transfer be made accordingly, but only against payment by the plaintiff of the sum of $601.81 to the defendant Machado within a period specified in the judgment, the amount of which was due to the defendant Machado of the estate of the late Silva and what amount was still valued as a lien on the property involved in the action. This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy policy and terms of service apply. The email address cannot be subscribed. Please try again. The minutes show that Machado did not assert any claim against the estate. Machado`s response was limited in content and effect to the sole attempt to enforce a lien over certain property, the power of which was conferred by § 716 [46 Cal.

App. 2d 664] of the Code of Succession. [2] A privilege is not a claim within the meaning of § 3, § 1880 of the Code of Civil Procedure, and therefore Machado`s testimony was duly admitted. Since this is true, the evidence supports the findings. [3] Moreover, the evidence supports the Court`s conclusion that the amount owing was accurate and, in this context, the law is well established that no positive remedy can be granted in a closing action without first paying or guaranteeing the balance owing. (17 Cal.Jur. 818, 819.) The judgment ordering the above-mentioned payment was therefore correct. The minutes do not contain any adverse errors, so the verdict is confirmed. The appeal against the order denying the request for a retrial is dismissed. Silva Dias Legal takes very seriously the ethical and deontological standards of the profession and is aware that it is only with full compliance with these obligations that it is possible to protect the interests of the client and build a special relationship with each client — whether companies or individuals — based on trust. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletters, including our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ana Silva Dias has been added to the list of contracted suppliers.

AGNES J. SILVA, administrator, etc., appellant, v. FLORENCE DIAS et al., respondent. [1a] The plaintiff and appellant argue: first, that the defendant Machado cannot assert a claim against the estate without first asserting such a claim with the administrator; secondly, that Machado, under Article 1880 of the Code of Civil Procedure, was excluded from the right to testify in the action in support of his claim; and third, that in the absence of Machado`s testimony, the conclusions are not supported by the evidence and, therefore, those conclusions do not support the judgment. Silva Dias Legal has extensive experience in most areas of law. If there is a need for expert advice beyond what it is happy to provide, Silva Dias Legal will appoint an appropriate specialist and act as an intermediary to ensure its own high level of excellence if the client so wishes. [ ] The applicant also insists that the court erred in allowing witness Machado, who was also counsel for the accused, to testify in narrative form rather than by question and answer. These matters are primarily left to the discretion of the trial court and, as long as no bias is demonstrated, it can hardly be said that such an act constituted a misuse of power. No prejudice seems to have emerged from the judgment. [4] The complainant also disagrees with the finding that the property in question was held in trust by Florence Dias for Machado.

Although such a statement was relatively unimportant, the conclusion was factually and legally wrong. The fact that the property was transferred to Florence Dias in the circumstances of the case gave both parties the right to pledge the deed as a mortgage. (17 Cal.Jur. 749.) The reverse is also true, and so both could defend the action for the reasons advanced by Machado. [1b] Since it relied exclusively on privilege, there was no need to bring an action with the authority. (Succession Act, § 716.) This is a lawsuit to have a deed such as a mortgage appraised and to cancel the title. In a nutshell, the minutes show that John H. Machado was John F. Silva`s attorney during his lifetime, and in a transaction between them, the property in question, which belonged to Silva, was transferred to Florence Dias to guarantee the legal fees for the services Machado was to provide to Silva.

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